What is ProtectedIO ?

ProtectedIO is cloud type service that provides all security measures for the end user in the cloud, so there is no need for user to have multiple anti virus, anti malware software bundles since we have already built that in the cloud!

How to get ProtectedIO ?

You can just click here to download the installer which will guide you through the install process.

How I use ProtectedIO ?

Once you installed software simply start it from the start menu icon and click connect button, the software will automatically connect to our service and from that point you will be completely secure!

When I connect I just see "surf protection" enabled ?

With free version of the software you have some bandwidth limitations and features limitations as well. Free version does not support many other features that we built in the system, but you can always upgrade your software to premium for very small amount of money, click here to go premium.

How to uninstall ProtectedIO

Open Control Panel

Type "uninstall" in the right window search box and click Uninstall a program

Right click on ProtectedIO Toolbar and click Uninstall

Click OK when prompted

Click Close when uninstall has finished

How to uninstall ProtectedIO Toolbar

Open Google Chrome, click the menu icon on the right and go to Settings

Go to Settings and click the delete icon next to ProtectedIO Chrome Toolbar

How to reset Chrome home page and search provider

Open Google Chrome, click the menu icon on the right and go to Settings

Click on Set pages under On Startup » Open a specific page or set of pages

Move your mouse over the search.protectedio.com and click delete icon on the right

Click the Manage search engines... button

Select another default search engine by clicking Make default button

Click delete icon next to Search The Web (ProtectedIO)